Studio A

With an 85sqm recording room with modular acoustics, two adjoining recording rooms and an Iso/Vocal booth next door, Studio A is well equipped for larger live sessions. With about 30 custom-made mobile acoustic elements, the room sound can easily be adapted to the individual needs of the session.

In addition, our separate studio living room with a bar and chilled drinks offers enough space to give even larger bands the opportunity to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Between takes, or at the end of a long studio day.

  • Large recording room perfect for live sessions
  • Adjoining recording rooms / Iso-Booth for relocation of Amps
  • Optimal room acoustics thanks to modular design
  • Quiet and relaxed working atmosphere
  • Studio lounge incl. a Bar
  • Huge selection of Amps / Instruments / Drums through our partners

Studio B

A spacious, bright control room and a commodious Vocal Booth (10m²) make this the perfect place for vocal recordings as well as media productions of all kinds. Due to the consistent acoustic decoupling and the extremely low reverberation time, Studio B is ideal for recording with the highest standards. A large, free-floating 24″ Full HD touchscreen makes reading scripts and executing Synchro/ADR recordings easy and comfortable.

  • Voice optimized acoustics and a selection of microphones & equipment
  • Reverberation time of >0.3 seconds and insulation from outside sound sources
  • Large 24″ touch screen for text and video viewing
  • Diverse conference / remote control options via Skype, Phone or SessionLink
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