Studio Events

Exciting studio events for kids

Need inspiration for your child’s birthday party? Celebrate in our recording studio in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt).

Make your childs birthday party an unforgettable!

In our recording studio, not only professionals are welcome, but also anyone who just wants to get a taste of studio air and have fun – and kids are full of energy!

With video-assisted playbacks, age-appropriate supervision, a studio introduction at every event, and a lot of experience, we make sure that everything goes effortlessly.

What you can expect from us:

From our huge database, kids choose 2-3 songs to sing and record their first CD with us. We are also prepared for individual solos, small groups, etc… All under our professional guidance and encouragement to make it fun. Of course, your own ideas are always welcome!

The finished songs you get on CD with individual print and/or digitally – perfect as a memory when the little ones are not so little anymore.

Customized CDs with photo label

Huge database of video karaoke tracks

High quality post processing of the recordings

Professional support

Individual support – also for large groups

Video-assisted playbacks and age-appropriate supervision

It is important to us that the children have fun and go home with a sense of achievement. Therefore, we make sure that everything also succeeds effortlessly.

Plenty of space in great atmosphere with cozy living room

And since birthday cakes are not one of our great strengths, you are welcome to bring your own cake. Here is our lounge bar to “warm up”: Here are various drinks from soft drinks to coffee for the parents available!

Klangkantine Studios event package for kids

Included in our offer:

  • 1,5 h studio time in our big studio A
  • Reception and briefing in our studio lounge
  • up to 3 video karaoke tracks included
  • Post-processing of the recordings afterwards
  • 1 CD with photo label per participant

from 210€ incl. VAT

You have questions or individual ideas?
We’re happy to help!

Thanks again for a great time at the studio event yesterday. The feedback was fantastic and it was a super experience for the boys!

Marc Welpot / Victoria Bambinis, Griesheim

The CDs have now arrived: Thank you very much for the beautiful time, the children were thrilled! I especially liked how you managed to create something so great together with the kids and put so much energy into it, great!

Martin Müller, Darmstadt

Thanks again for the cool kids birthday party. The girls really enjoyed it – everyone was absolutely thrilled! Many greetings!

Stefan Kemmerer, Frankfurt

Den Schülern hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht und der Umgang mit den Kids war echt toll -geduldig, freundlich und immer ermutigend! Das ist nicht selbstverständlich und ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen! Ich werde Euch an alle meine Kollegen und sonstigen Leute wärmstens weiterempfehlen!

Marc Rindert, Obermayr International School, Schwalbach

Frequently asked questions about studio events:

    How many people can participate in an event?

    We have a lot of space, so events of 1-60 people are no problem. The average group size is about 10 people.

    It is easier for songs to be recorded in a group in our standard event setup if there are at least 5 people together and it’s more fun. But also solo and duo performances as well as events with larger groups is possible, just get in touch!

    What is the best age for children to participate?

    In general, fun events are possible in almost all age groups. At most of our events, the children are between 8 and 14 years old, on average 10 years. But as I said, a lot is possible – after all, we also offer events for adults 😉

    However, when choosing songs, you should make sure that everything is age-appropriate for younger kids: If the kids can’t read well yet, you should choose songs that they have already learned (e.g. at school) and therefore already know well!

    Do I need to prepare for the event?

    If you know all the songs and can sing along well, it’s basically enough if you send us your song selection and any special requests or your own playbacks at least one week before the event, we will then prepare everything. (Click here for the selection of video karaoke songs) But of course it’s worth it if you go through and/or practice the songs beforehand – the better you know the material, the better and more fun the recording will be and the faster we’ll make progress!

    If you plan songs or song parts as small groups or solo parts, you can already make sure that all participants know where their assignments are. Otherwise, we are prepared for (almost) everything, even with spontaneous ideas and assignments!

    Are there parking facilities and can I also arrive by public transport?

    Yes, we also have parking directly in front of the studio entrance, in any case enough for two cars. On weekends you can usually find more parking in the street.

    We are also well connected by public transport: From Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof it takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to us – otherwise the bus line R also leaves from the main station (Mainzer Straße stop).

    How long do I have to be there before the event?

    It is sufficient if you arrive on time at the studio at the agreed time. We use the time before your event to prepare and set up everything so that we can start right away upon your arrival!

    What should I consider when choosing songs?

    Choose songs from the video playback pool that you know well and that everyone in the group can sing along to. Some songs are tough, even if everyone can sing along with the chorus: Just listen through the songs in question and check whether very text-intensive verses or rap parts in the middle of the song might turn out to be stumbling blocks. If so, maybe think about what you want to do with the part, whether it should be cut out or provided with playback vocals – together with your engineer you will surely find a solution during the event!

    For children’s birthday parties, it is recommended that the parents check the children’s song requests again. Often the children simply choose their favorite songs without considering whether they can also sing them – that’s always a shame when this only becomes apparent in the studio!

    Are there drinks on site or do I have to bring some with me?

    Drinks are available on site. We always have a selection of chilled soft drinks in 0.3 bottles available at a price of 2.00 €. 2 litres of still water is already included in your event price (or more depending on group size). If you have any special wishes, please feel free to contact us!

    Can I bring my own playback file?

    We recommend taking one of our video playbacks as it makes the event easier and more fun. Especially for participants who do not know the vocal parts perfectly, it is much easier to read the lyrics from the screen. In exceptional cases you can also deliver your own playbacks (instrumentals without vocals), but only after prior consultation, which we then need in MP3 or WAV format. Please note that we are not allowed to download data from YouTube for copyright reasons!

    If a song doesn’t work at all in the studio, can I still switch to another one?

    We have a selection of songs that usually go quite well, already directly in the right format here. However, until the group has agreed on an alternative, the reloading into the session and the re-recording often takes a lot of precious studio time. Therefore, try to avoid this case by good preparation and agreement in order to have as much fun as possible at the event!

    Do I need to bring printed song lyrics?

    If you choose songs from our playback pool, you don’t need to bring any lyrics. You read the lyrics from a flat screen TV during the recording – which also has the great advantage that your entries are also displayed there very easily. If you have rewritten a song yourself, you should bring a lyric sheet for each participant. Tip: Print the sheets in such a way that you don’t have to turn the pages at all, or only a little, and put each sheet in a transparent film; this will significantly minimize the paper rustling on the recording!

    When will the printed CDs be ready?

    Usually, the CDs will reach you by mail within two to three weeks after the event. Please note that this period can be longer during peak order times. If you need them urgently at a certain date, please discuss this with us in advance so that we can plan for it and you will have your recordings in time.