Our Studios

The perfect enviroment to feel home and to create.

Our spacious multi-room studio complex combine an experienced team of Audio experts with state-of-the-art recording technology as well as the finest boutique and vintage gear and Instruments.

It is our goal to realize your full creative potential.

Every production is a sum of the people involved and the environment in which it was created. We see that the motivation and well-being of everyone involved are extremely crucial – and therefore do everything we can to create a relaxed, stimulating and well-structured working atmosphere to clear the way for everyone to develop their full potential.

Modern digital workflow and exceptional analog gear and instruments.

A well-designed control room equipped with ATC SCM 50s and a exceptional recording chain (Prism, Neve, API, Tree Audio, Chandler, etc..) and a exquisite selection of microphones (Neumann U67, U47, Brauner, AKG, Sennheiser, etc…) make it a pure joy to dial in the sound you need.

A wide range of ready-to-play instruments and amps (C.Bechstein piano, Fender, Rhodes, various vintage synths like Juno and Polysix, and great drum gear) give you countless options.

Plenty of space and perfect acoustics for maximum flexibility.

An 85sqm recording room with modular acoustics, two adjacent recording rooms and iso/synchro room next door, we are well equipped for larger live sessions of all genres. In addition, our separate studio living room with bar, and chilled drinks offers enough space to allow larger bands or teams to relax in a comfortable atmosphere between takes – all fully air-conditioned.

Studio A

  • Large recording room perfect for live sessions
  • Adjacent recording rooms for outsourcing of amps / iso booth
  • Optimal room acoustics due to modular design
  • Quiet and relaxed working atmosphere
  • Studio lounge and bar
  • Huge selection of amps / instruments / drums

Studio B

  • Acoustics mics and gear optimized for speech
  • Reverberation time of >0.3 seconds and isolation from outside sound sources
  • Large 24″ touchscreen for text and video display
  • Daylight control room
  • Can be combined with Studio A as an extension
  • Wide range of conference / remote control options

The Team

Chris Kling

Managing Director,
Head of Production

Mariella Kling

Studio Manager,

Moritz Klug

Senior Audio Engineer,
Production Manager Audiobooks

Susanne Kanold

Studio Manager

Johannes Schmitt

Audio Engineer,

Romy Runkel

Junior Audio Engineer

Cedric Scheibel

Audio Engineer,
Voice Pool Manager

Ben Lütke

Junior Audio Engineer,

Konstantin Kohl

Studio Assistant,

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Business Solutions

Professional audio services for companies and brands.

Artists & Creators

The perfect enviroment and support for artists and musicians.

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