Audio Identity

Making brands stand out

Klangkantine Studios helps brands create unique and scalable audio identities. Together we’ll manage and structure your audio assets to build a consistent brand strategy.

Helping brands bring their identity beyond.

A brand identity is more than what you see – is also what your hear. Our studio helps companies develop their identity further, by adding structured audio solutions and assets.

We support companies by developing guidelines and audio assets, that bring consistency and add value to their communication and branding, across different media and channels.

Unique audio identity

As important as having a unique logo and visual identity, is important to have a unique voice. And one that stands out, and builds upon your company values and communication.

Scalable solutions

From social media videos, advertising to full-length corporate films and POS Audio Strategy, we help build a solid audio structure across all brand touchpoints that respects branding and adapts to different channels.

Audio consistency

We help to create audio guidelines that ensure that the sound of the brand consistently leads to the desired results on all channels and reliably guarantees auditory identification with the brand.

Our services in detail:

Concept & strategy

A product and market environment analysis is used to determine points of differentiation, which are combined into a clearly defined overall concept in which the interaction of brand, product and visual communication is taken into account.


Based on the developed concept, the first moods and drafts are created. Afterwards, the previously defined assets will be created after consultation and revision. The material undergoes several internal quality checks in a structured process.

Testing and revision

After finalization and approval, we can use test designs and/or prototyping in close cooperation with the client to determine whether the desired objectives are being achieved – especially in the case of specific output formats or unusual touchpoints.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and a passionate team.

With excellent equipment, spacious rooms and experienced sound engineers, producers and creative allrounders, we provide the optimal framework.

We are more than happy with the production – and the ideas for voices and sound design were absolutely wonderful! Thanks also for the professional handling – it was really rarely that easy to carry out such a project!

Michael Bursik, Content Strategist, Haufe Group

I was very happy to have worked with the team of Klangkantine Studios for the production of my audiobook – it was a great atmosphere in a great space with a great team, in which I felt very comfortable. As an engineer and voice director, Johannes is competent, professional and emphatic. Thanks!

Sven Plöger, meterologist on ARD, bestselling author

The podcasts turned out great: the stories, the background music, the narrator. They serve their purpose 100% and we get enthusiastic feedback from our listeners. The numbers speak for themselves: We are already at several thousand downloads per day! Thank you!

Sarah Decker, Online Communication Manager, Niehaus Pharma

We think the audio dramas are great, we consistently get good feedback for them and it was been a pleasure working with you! I’m also impressed that you got everything ready so quickly!

Konstanze Butenuth, Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (DKSB)

I very much enjoyed working with the professional and competent folks at Klangkantine Studios. The whole environment was just right and I was happy to be creatively working in a relaxed but focused atmosphere!

Hans-Joachim Heist (Gernot Hassknecht), ZDF Heute Show

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We’re a full-service audio agency. We guide to creators, publishing houses and brands to transform their story into audio content that will be heard and inspires.

Audiobooks, Podcasts, Audio Identity or Sound Design: We listen to your needs, consult and plan resulting in audio content, that will excite your clients and grow your business.

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