Studio Concerts

As a highlight and reward for ourselves and other music lovers, we occasionally host private studio concerts with our musical role models, at which they can express their creativity in an intimate atmosphere.

We are happy to give the artists the opportunity to introduce their music to an audience of attentively listening music lovers. In a relaxed, quiet and cozy atmosphere, artists and listeners meet in a very personal way. We do not organize our studio concerts to achieve a certain commercial success. Our motivation is rather to grant all parties an enjoyable evening.

Past events

lilly among clouds, Rachel Sermanni (UK) (2x), Jono McCleery (UK) (2x), Trixie Whitley (USA), Enno BungerLùisa, Rufus Dipper feat. Mono Girl, Nicolas Sturm & das Klingen Ensemble (2x), Masheé, BischlerMarie & the RedCat, Spaceman Spiff & Finn-Ole Heinrich, Perry O’Parson, uvm…


Trixie Whitley – Gradual Return

Jono McCleery – Soldier in the Sound

Trixie Whitley – Hotel With No Name

Jono McCleery – Did I

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