Corporate Audio Services

Voice, music or sound design: With the right sound, it is possible to quickly evoke a stronger emotional connection between the recipient and your product or brand and enhance the dissemination of information. We are happy to consult and offer flexible solutions – targeted and tailored to your project and budget.


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High-quality voice recordings for advertising, promotion and social media marketing: fast, uncomplicated, efficient. Large, international pool of voiceover artists.

Sound Design

Through authentic soundscapes, saturated atmospheres and high-quality sounds, messages are complimented and brought to life, and communication is accelerated.

Custom Compositions

Music triggers emotions – within seconds. We help to create a strong emotional bond between your product and the listener with exactly the right music.

Radio / radio advertising

Through the purposeful interaction of voice, appealing music and moving sound design, we increase the advertising impact and make your message heard.

Audio Book Production

A spacious vocal booth, voice-optimized technology and infrastructure, experienced staff and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Audio Restauration

Hiss, scratching and unwanted noise on audio files or bad sounding concert recordings: we help to significantly improve faulty material.


Die Neudenker

Current featured project: azubi:web

We delivered the right sound for three product videos of the azubi:web-App by the Frankfurt education startup generation:L. In addition to the ornate sound design, which included dubbing and Foley-art for the individual film scenes as well as coming up with a sound concept to clarify the animated elements, we also delivered music and voiceover:

With a mix of music consulting and composition we present different tonal aspects in all three videos, considering the different target groups and moods.

We selected the right voice for the image video of the product and took into account the background sound during the voiceover production, to optimally consider the different playback formats.

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