Our Philosophy

At Klangkantine studios, the demands of artists stand in first place. The quality of every production most of all depends on their skills and well-being – they play the leading role. In our opinion, even in times of digital pitch correction and drum quantization this fact has not in the slightest lost its importance.

We see that motivation and well-being of the artist are factors extremely crucial to the quality of every production. Stress and rush are mostly deadly to every creative flow. That’s why we seek to do the utmost to avoid these situations and provide a relaxed, inspiring and well-structured work atmosphere – to ensure that nothing stands in the way for the artist to develop their full potential.

To fully utilise this potential, we seek to let all of our patience and wealth of experience equally flow into every little working step from setup until premastering.

We consider every single production as a part of our own work and are anxious to accomplish all projects with the same commitment and enthusiasm that fuels us during the production of our own projects.

The routine we acquired throughout past production of the most different musical genres, as well as the passion for music helps us to achieve this ambitious aim.

We feel obliged to fulfill these aspirations in every production in order to meet the high demands of the artist and of our own perfectionism – and under compliance of the agreed conditions.

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