The Studio

With more than 240sqm of studio space, divided into an 85sqm recording room with modular acoustics, two adjoining recording rooms and an Iso/Vocal booth as well as two control rooms, we are well equipped for larger live sessions. With about 30 custom-made mobile acoustic elements, the room sound can easily be adapted to the individual needs of the session. Our Studio A and B are connected with large window fronts and can be connected to use in one session.

In addition, our separate studio living room with a bar and cooled drinks offers enough space to give even larger bands the opportunity to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, either Between takes, or at the end of a long studio day.

Equipment and Technology

The technical concept of the studio: a “front-end” signal chain, which creates a warm and powerful sound through exquisite microphones and mic preamps, that is then recorded with digital precision. There is also a large selection of analogue instruments, ready to play.

In the mix, we mostly rely on digital technology – and thus we are able to execute our productions with “Total Recall”, respond to the creative workflow of the artist as best as possible, while keeping the production costs at an affordable level (also by the strict limitation of high-maintenance analog studio technology).

Microphones (excerpt)

  • Neumann, Brauner, AKG
  • JZ, Sennheiser
  • Oktava, Shure and more…


  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Pro Tools 12 (on request)
  • 2x Intel i7 6×4,3 Ghz Hexacore, SSD

Instruments / Amps (excerpt)

  • C. Bechstein Concert 8 Piano
  • Nord Lead 2, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno-6
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb II
  • Pearl BRX Master Studio Kit, HHX Cymbals
  • and many more…

Preamps/Converters (excerpt)

  • Heritage Audio
  • Rupert Neve Designs (RND)
  • RME Coverters / Preamps
  • SPL, Focusrite and more…

Software / Plug-ins (excerpt)

  • Fabfilter, Soundtoys, SSL, Waves, SPL, iZotope, Native Instruments, and more…


  • ATC SCM25 ASL Pro, Crookwood Monitor Console, and more…

Outboard/FX/DI/Cables (excerpt)

  • Revox A77, Vorg Echo Orbit (Tape Echo)
  • Lexicon, dbx
  • RND, Radial, Vovox, Sommer, and more…

The Team

Chris Kling

Chris Kling

Managing Director, Engineer, Production Manager

is a producer, sound engineer and musician (vocals, keys, guitar, tenor sax). Frequently gets asked if he is living in the studio. He’s forgotten the answer to that question.

Mariella Schelch

Mariella Schelch

Studio Manager

Mariella takes care of the daily studio business and telephone enquiries with her Austrian charm. She is also on the road as a musician (vocals, piano, violin) and solo artist (Masheé). Gives violin lessons.

Moritz Klug

Moritz Klug

Audio Engineer

Patience and calmness are his superpower. The studied engineer can enumerate the preamp list on Thomann in his sleep. Also plays bass and guitar.

Johannes Schmitt

Johannes Schmitt

Audio Engineer, Studio Tech

Also drum tech and drummer. Actually, trained electrician, but now skillfully works the controls, if he is not on tour with his band “mattes”. Got most of the German “Badesalz“ comedy-skits memorized.

Alex Brusencev

Alex Brusencev

Audio Engineer

Alex came to audio production from playing guitar and just didn’t leave the studio ever since. He keeps his cool in every session even if it’s 3AM.

Studio Concerts

In an intimate and cozy atmosphere, we host private concerts in our rooms at irregular intervals – for an audience of music lovers, with regional to international artists who inspire us.

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